I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, a land that feeds the spirit from which these photos are created. My dad was an active photographer and was a dot etcher by trade. He adjusted the color in print publication coffee table books as well as print advertising so I was surrounded by beautiful prints as I grew up. In high school I purchased my first SLR and delved into the darkroom, developing my own film. Then for many years other priorities took my focus.

In 1999 I traveled to Norway for a hut-to-hut ski trip. After much research for the perfect camera for this kind of trip I purchased a Minolta SLR with full manual control, including exposure compensation for the bright snow and a fast zoom lens. We travelled on skis across frozen lakes and open terrain to 4 different huts, then we rented a car and visited the fjords on the west coast of Norway.

It was an enchanting time and after shooting 20 rolls of Fuji Provia and Velvia during this trip I was hooked once again. Since then I have switched to digital even though I have not quite been able to bring myself to dispose of all the ziplocks of film canisters in my fridge door or a few treasured film cameras.

I love to capture the natural world, recording it as it appears to my eye as well as exploring details, finding patterns and using my camera to create abstract interpretations of nature.

I hope my images can help bring attention to how precious this world we live in is. My sense of wonder expands every time I am out in the woods or at the beach or in my garden. Thank you for taking the time to let me share this wonder with you!

I blog now and then at www.acelebrationofwonder.com.

I also specialize in designing WordPress websites for individuals and small businesses. You can find more info about that at www.7ccreative.com

Publication credits include Washington Tide Calendar and California Tide Calendar by Hawaiian Resources, Cross Country Skier magazine, The Professional Skier magazine, the Mountaineers publication, Cross Country Skiing, Building Skills for Fun and Fitness by Steve Hindman, Trax magazine, Human Kinetics publications, and Stevens Pass Ski Resort brochures, among others.

This site is but a small sample of my work. Please let me know if you would like to see more or are interested in any of my images for a use other than what is available on this site.